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Add editing area while holding a zone - JensenBreck - 02-07-2018

Recently Im building a coop-mission, where two zeus-players are playing against each other.
They are only allowed to play from the view of the zeus, like a strategic game...
 Now there are multiple issues and wishes Im going trough, here just one to ask you guys:
The task is to capture sectors and holding them. If a side is holding the majority of the sectors, the other side is loosing tickets.
So far so good, this works pretty fine.
What I like to do now: If a player is holdig an area, it should add him the captured zone as additional editing area, but with restrictions.
So he only can place objects like sandbags or static launchers...
 Is this possible?
I find out, that having multiple editing zones is possible, but how can I make it addicted to the capturing status of this zone?
Also, is it possible to restrict the kind of units spawned in this specific zone?
Please help.


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